Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Creative Blogger Award!

Well hi there! I don't think I've blogged since last week.. so I do apologise, I've got so much I need to write but only having access to the internet on my laptop at the weekends makes things difficult. But nevertheless I'm here and typing, so that's the main thing!

On Saturday, I was most excited when I saw that Abbie from Kittens in Top Hats had nominated me to take part in the Creative Blogger Award, so thank you for that Abbie! I'd seen this floating around and never thought I'd be nominated so I appreciate that! 

If any of you are unaware for The Creative Blogger award you have to list five 'fun facts' about yourself and then tag fifteen other bloggers of your choice to take part! So lets get down and dirty.. 

1. If any of you know me personally, or maybe online, you'll know my favourite 'holiday' is actually Halloween.. If I could celebrate Christmas instead of Halloween, I totally would. You'll learn more about my love for Halloween in September and October on my blog I'm sure - my blog audience hasn't experienced my Halloween antics really yet! 

2. This is actually getting more difficult for me already there's not really very many 'fun facts' about me.. Ohh I'll chuck this in there - my favourite blogger/vlogger of all time is Helen Anderson, I absolutely love her style and I think she's just a great girl in general.. I would see us getting along too if we were to ever meet up, simply because I feel we've got similar buoyant personalities.

3. I absolutely love grunge fashion, if you've seen my outfit posts you'll know already, but I never end up buying grungey clothing, I never think outfits, I just think 'ohh I like that top' and I'll never be able to do a grungey styled look out of it. I MUST start thinking outfits when I buy clothing..

4. I've got so much I wanna do with my blog and YouTube channel, incorporating all my viewers/readers and do things all around the country and eventually abroad - one of the things (well, it'll lead to multiple things) has never been done before by a blogger and it thrills me to imagine where it could lead as it's such a big passion, but the time and money is holding me back, right now with a smaller following, it's way too much of a risk financially. Keep dreaming Harley, one day you'll be able to do it! I'm not gonna tell you the plans as it'll ruin the surprise, but there is already promotion online, not under my name of anything though.

5. A few of my loves to finish things off - Starbucks, Pugs.. any dogs really, reptiles, fashion, costume design, theatre, music.. There's plenty more where that came from but those are just a few of my loves.

And there you have it! 5 Facts about me.. well, ish, it was the best I could do, really I was more talking about what I wanna do in the future but there we have it, it's still related to me and I'm rambling now. 

I'm not sure how many of these bloggers will have already been nominated, but I'm gonna nominate you anyway, sorry! I love the blogs listed below and most of these I chat to online and they're total babes. 

  1. Bekah
  2. Amanda
  3. Darcey
  4. Liv
  5. Carl
  6. Hayley
  7. Jess 
  8. Rachael
  9. Lauren
  10. Liv
  11. Alisha
  12. Charlie.. He's a vlogger, but I'll change it up a bit!
  13. Owen
  14. Natalie
I'll leave it at fourteen as there's no-one else I can think of, from the top of my head