Thursday, 26 February 2015

Mr Dashbo FX: Halloween Collection

Buying your first alcohol activated palettes can be very daunting and expensive for a newly qualified or self taught makeup artist. My advice would be to make sure that your completely comfortable with using the eyeshadows, watercolours and greasepaints - then move onto alcohol activated makeup. Once your there you've got a huge price barrier, but I've hunted down a bargain and have found a collection of super high quality without the luxury price tag.

This huge kit retails for just £89 which is super fantastic seeing as more well known brands such as Skin Illustrator  retail for around £80 for one palette. If your starting out and don't have a huge budget - definitely go for these. They are fantastic small palettes that work just as well as the more expensive alternatives. I will definitely be going back to purchase more of these palettes in the near future.

My only slightly negative comment is with this collection there are a few doubles of colours in different palettes, but looking on the bright side, this will save the need for repurchasing as often plus they tend to be my most used colours that are doubled. It's handy to have some doubles incase you don't have all these palettes on set with you.

For more information on these palettes and to purchase visit:

 'Ultimate FX Palette' Colours (left to right) - Black Hole, Walter White, Bruise Tone, Candy Kiss, Micky Blue, Rage Green, Blood Stain, Manilla, Red Mist, Yellow Haze, Blood Tone, Coffee Bean
 'Ultimate Autopsy Palette' Colours (left to right) - Indian Pale Male, Sand Man, Dead Flesh, Bone, Blue Meth, Brown Bred, Franken-Stain, Purple Reign, Dorian Grey, Red Devil, Horri-Bile, Noir
 'Bloody Hell Palette' Colours (left to right) - Blood Tone, Blood Stain, Black Hole, Red Mist, Micky Blue
 'Brutal Tooth Palette' Colours (left to right) - Tar, Fag-End, Plak, Rank, Mess-Cafe
 'Bruised Willis Palette' Colours (left to right) - Noir, Blue Moon, Bruise Tone, Yellow Haze, Red Sky
 'Bloody Hell Palette' Swatches
'Bruised Willis Palette' Swatches
'Brutal Tooth Palette' Swatches

View my show and tell looking at these products. 

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