Sunday, 26 July 2015

I'm Sorry!

I'm pretty sure I've done posts like this before, and I'm sure they'll be many more in past. But I wanna keep this short and sweet.


I don't want everyone to think I've given up, because I totally haven't, I just don't think currently I can commit to one post a week, don't get me wrong I've got tons of reviews to write of products I've been sent, I just haven't got the time to write at the moment and July has been insanely busy. Heres a few things I've been doing:


IMATS was insane, it was only a day but it's taken up alot of my time, planning, shopping lists, video editing and all the behind the scenes parts of a YouTuber/Bloggers life. I've uploaded my IMATS Haul now which is huge which you can watch here:
Tomorrow I'll be uploading my IMATS Vlog, so that'll be one thing off the list to do, so I will have a little more time to start getting into the blog again.


If you know me, or have followed me for a long time, you'll remember last year I attempted Vlogoween, in which I upload a video everyday in October, which dramatically failed because October is such a huge month for me and I get incredibly busy. This year I'm planning very early and filming and editing all 31 videos in advance, which is a MAMMOTH task when you don't have the time. I've been planning videos, buying bits and pieces, editing, more planning, storyboarding.. The list goes on, it's my favourite season of the year, so I'm putting in loads of time and effort for it. So bear with! Until November production of videos and posts will be slow, but know October's content will be to die for.. Literally. 

That kinda sums up where I've been lately, but fear not, I'm not dead, I've not abandoned the blog, I'm just busy, busy, busy! But I won't stay away too long, I hope to be back posting regularly-ish as soon as I possibly can. Mega love.

What was your favourite memory of July 2015?

Harley xx

Monday, 6 July 2015

Review: L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil Hair Care

Can I just say, this packing was so damn difficult to photograph without making it look warped. But, I did my best! 
HAIR CARE! We all know it's my favourite thing to talk about! If there's something to do with hair, throw it at me, I love it! But recently after a bad reaction to some ingredients in a professional colour, my hair ended up like chewing gum, I cut loads of it off, and now left with severely damaged hair. It was only a venture I'd do on myself, never a client, so I've only got myself to blame. I did a few hot oil treatments, but my hair still needed loads of help. I saw these guys advertised on the TV and went over to Boots and picked them up.

At first impression I was pretty sure these wouldn't do anything, after trying a variety of very 'nourishing' and 'moisturising' from all sorts of brands in the past, and having no luck. But I needed something that would help out my hair in anyway, to stop it falling out from the root like it was.

After trying it a few times, I noticed the silvery/grey tone in my hair dropped out quite rapidly (as it does with every non-silver shampoo) but I didn't want to use my silver shampoo as it's quite drying because it's very strong. So just using this shampoo and conditioner did leave me with healthier LOOKING hair which does feel somewhat healthier straight after washing. I'm currently using no heat on my hair to try and improve the health also.

Using the shampoo and conditioner alone did help with the touchable condition of my hair. But the silver colour wash dropping out pretty fast, so in the end I've began mixing this shampoo with my current silver shampoo, to keep topping up the colour, with some added nourishment. It did just that, although not with the extreme effects before. The ends of my hair were still quite thirsty, but overall it kept my hair feeling healthy. The hair only felt slightly more dry because of the silver shampoo though.

Now, down to the science, the shampoo and conditioner contain six flower oils. It's well known certain types of oil are good for the hair, and can improve the health. But in the short term, these products have slightly improved the overall health of the hair. In the long term I do feel like it would dramatically improve the structure of my hair if I included their oil and mask. I don't feel like it's dramatically improved the health of my hair just yet, as there are still ends breaking off, but that's to be expected with longer hair, it is not breaking off from the root anymore, and the roots are feeling much healthier now, after just using the product for a few weeks. 

I definitely recommend giving these guys a go, as they are a fantastic drugstore option to give your hair a treat when it's feeling thirsty and needs a good condition. It gives the hair a lovely shine, soft feel and I love the scent of it, it's not overpowering, but stays in my hair for quite a few days. 

Buy the Shampoo: CLICK HERE
Buy the Conditioner: CLICK HERE
^Seriously I recommend giving these guys a go, they're great!^

Until Next Time,
Harley. X 

Monday, 29 June 2015

Review: Slendertoxtea

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me to review, but all opinions are my own.

For ages now I've seen all different types of 'detox' teas all over Instagram, and I've wanted to try one in forever. Slendertoxtea gave me the opportunity to review their 14 Day Teatox, which of course I was very excited about! The brand claims the benefits of these teas are: Colon Cleanse, Increased Energy, Feel Refreshed, Promotes Healthy Change. The pack includes two different types of tea, and the ingredients are similar but do differ slightly. One to drink first thing in the morning everyday for two weeks, and the second to drink a few hours before bed every other day. Lets see how I got on.. 

I first tried these teas one weekend on a Saturday morning as the tea says 'We advise you begin your teatox on a weekend or your day off.' I can only assume because of the colon cleanse. 

They also advice to brew the tea for 2-3 minutes, and alter the brewing time accordingly. The first time I tried to tea, I left it to brew for two minutes, and just a few hours after I was already on the toilet experiencing the 'colon cleanse' - I'm going to try and be the less explicit I can from now on, as there's lots of talk about bodily fluid. I did experience an increased bowel movement, quite significantly. The next morning, my body woke me up early to tell me to get straight on the toilet! But I was determined to carry on with the teatox and make my second cup. After visiting the toilet 8 times on the second day, experiencing headaches and major stomach cramping I decided to stop the teatox, as I really didn't feel healthy, and I thought it be best to stop. 

I left it quite a few weeks before trying the tea again with an open mind.. 

I had two weeks off work, great! I can visit the toilet as often as needed! I tried another Daytox tea, and only brewed the tea for one minute this time, to calm down the effects. But like before I had dramatically increased bowel movements and stomach cramps that left me laying on the sofa clutching my stomach, not anyone who knows me knows I won't make things more dramatic than what they are, but I couldn't move all day, unless I was visiting the loo. I did feel pretty sick, and I didn't eat that day.

Now on the back on the teas the disclaimer says: 
"Before embarking on any detox diet or health plan you may want to consult with your GP, if symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or prolonged diarrhoea occur cease use and consult your GP."

So I thought it be best that I end the detox, before my symptoms had any chance to get worse. 

As much as I wanted to stick out the experience of this, I just couldn't. I'm not sure why my body reacted so badly to this, it maybe because I'm not one to eat super healthy and stay free of toxins. I think that probably is the reason as usually I've got quite a strong stomach. But I know there are people out there that can use these pretty often to help with weight loss, and to cleanse the body. I wanted to love these teas, but I just can't say I can.

BUT! Please bear in mind, just because these teas didn't work for me, they could work for you. So I still would recommend giving them a go if this is a topic that interests you. I'm still quite scared to try anymore teatox's at the moment, but I hope in the future I will be able to find one that works for me.

If you'd like to know more about Slendertoxtea then please visit their website at:

Until next time,
Harley. X