Sunday, 26 July 2015

I'm Sorry!

I'm pretty sure I've done posts like this before, and I'm sure they'll be many more in past. But I wanna keep this short and sweet.


I don't want everyone to think I've given up, because I totally haven't, I just don't think currently I can commit to one post a week, don't get me wrong I've got tons of reviews to write of products I've been sent, I just haven't got the time to write at the moment and July has been insanely busy. Heres a few things I've been doing:


IMATS was insane, it was only a day but it's taken up alot of my time, planning, shopping lists, video editing and all the behind the scenes parts of a YouTuber/Bloggers life. I've uploaded my IMATS Haul now which is huge which you can watch here:
Tomorrow I'll be uploading my IMATS Vlog, so that'll be one thing off the list to do, so I will have a little more time to start getting into the blog again.


If you know me, or have followed me for a long time, you'll remember last year I attempted Vlogoween, in which I upload a video everyday in October, which dramatically failed because October is such a huge month for me and I get incredibly busy. This year I'm planning very early and filming and editing all 31 videos in advance, which is a MAMMOTH task when you don't have the time. I've been planning videos, buying bits and pieces, editing, more planning, storyboarding.. The list goes on, it's my favourite season of the year, so I'm putting in loads of time and effort for it. So bear with! Until November production of videos and posts will be slow, but know October's content will be to die for.. Literally. 

That kinda sums up where I've been lately, but fear not, I'm not dead, I've not abandoned the blog, I'm just busy, busy, busy! But I won't stay away too long, I hope to be back posting regularly-ish as soon as I possibly can. Mega love.

What was your favourite memory of July 2015?

Harley xx