Monday, 22 June 2015

ScareCON 2015

Why have I been away?! Well I've been to the carnage that is ScareCON of course and my god, it was  bloody amazing again. It was my second year and this time was held at Thorpe Park, and it was one of the biggest yet. I was really looking forward to this year as me and Alice knew a few more people this time and it wouldn't be so awkward as the first year!

Alice and Myself on 'Loggers Leap'
Alice and Me had the perfect weekend break sorted! Stay over for a catchup and Chinese takeout on Thursday, Friday morning leave for ScareCON, have lots of seminars and chats during the day, party during the evening and then on Saturday we had a lovely free day at Thorpe Park. Which, as we were hungover, we took Saturday slowly, and it was much more enjoyable chilling in the park and doing all the rides with time apart. Running around, waiting for rides all day is horrible compared to our Saturday, and we still managed to do all the big rollercoasters several times as well as flat rides. ENOUGH ABOUT ROLLERCOASTERS! LET'S TALK SCARY SHIT!

So for those of you that aren't involved in the scare entertainment industry, you'd probably hate the idea of ScareCON, because all we do all day is talk about scare mazes, horror makeup, blood, gore, sound, lighting, set design, scare acting, oh god it's brilliant! Seriously you've gotta be there.

The day will start with signing in and collecting your wristbands etc, this is where you tend to bump into everyone and begin chatting away, which yes, we did! Then we wandered through the trade stands, which looked visually stunning this year I must say, we had some great stands this year! And of course the seating area in which the seminars take place. Due to us being at Thorpe Park we also got the opportunity to visit the 'SAW Alive' maze three times in total, once for a Haunted Lantern Demo, a behind the scenes tour, and finally a very special performance complete with actors. Myself and Alice missed out on the Live version with actors as we had to go and get ready for the ScareBall and didn't want to turn up too late for that (last year we turned up late we missed out on food and half the awards ceremony).

(left to right) Mikey, Selma (Me), Alice, Andy, Cathy & Rosie
(Photo by Stephen Candy Photography)

The ScareBall was really a chance for me to test out Selma Reaper as a live character, she's had nothing but a good response online and so I was curious to see the reaction in person. Cathy was most excited to finally meet Selma, as seemed Rosie too, and they both loved her which gave me one tonne load of confidence once my voice started to ache and I lasted ages with the very full on voice because of the positive reactions I got all round. This gave me loads of confidence as the character which lead to plenty of fun and dancing, further on in the night discussions into what she'll be up to in October. I won't say anything yet, as nothing is official. We all had something to eat and enjoyed an amazing performance by the Circus of Horrors, and by the end of the night there were about ten of us sitting outside in the Shark Hotel's smoking area until 3am getting very drunk, and having a really good laugh! The fact everyones had a bit to drink in the evenings makes me kinda prefer the ScareBall, in both the years I've gone, I've spoken to the most new people at the ScareBall. But nevertheless, it's a fab event all day.

I woke up, feeling like crap after only a few hours sleep, but Alice and I got breakfast then went off into Thorpe Park for the day. As I said earlier we took it super easy though as I felt quite iffy, but it was probably one of my most enjoyable days I've had at the park, because I wasn't rushing around for ages.

You know, ScareCON may not be the biggest event in the UK, but it is currently the only one I'd go back to year after year, mainly down to the people! I've made some great friends at ScareCON and although they live all around the country and we only see each other at the event, we have brilliant fun! Thank you to Michael once again for arranging the event. I shall see you in November for ScareCON: The Aftermath! Really looking forward to it!
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Stay Scary, Harley.