Monday, 8 June 2015

Sebamed: Clear Face Range | Review

At The Bloggers Hub Twitter Party, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to test out and review the Sebamed Clear Face Range - anyone that knows me, knows I suffer with acne and very oily skin which is a big self confidence downer, and after trying so many high-street products and nothing touched my skin, I was beginning to loose hope. I was so excited to try these products and see how they work for me. If you don't like seeing close up images of skin and acne, this won't be the post for you as there will be before/after pictures towards the end.

To see if skincare works for you, it really needs to be tested for 28 days, in order for your skin to get used to it. Sebamed sent me three sample sizes of three different products - The Cleansing Bar, The Deep Cleansing Facial Toner and The Care Gel. Let's see how I got on..

The Cleansing Bar

At first I was a little bit scared of the idea of this - it's in soap form, soap dries my skin out like I've covered my face with rubbing alcohol. But saying this I was given some hope when I found out that all of these products are the same pH as your skin, so it shouldn't make me oily OR dry. I used this with my flannel to begin with like a normal soap and after a week I began to notice a difference, it didn't dry me out OR make me oily and I didn't feel like I'd had an extreme amount of botox after using it, which pleasantly surprised me!

I did end up using this with my Magnitone (CLICK HERE for my thoughts on that) by putting the product on my face first, then going over with the Magnitone, and I can honestly say, I think this is what gave the product a little more cleansing power and this is when I really noticed to see a difference.

Deep Cleansing Facial Toner

I've never really used toners before so I was curious to try this. At first I really liked it and it make me feel a little extra fresh after using it, but it does contain alcohol and after about two weeks of using this, I could really start to notice the alcohol and it did irritate my skin slightly, not so much to dry me out, but it did 'inflame' my breakouts and make them a little more red and visible, but I think if it was used every now and again, it wouldn't be so bad.

I did try using this with my Magnitone too on the sensitive setting, but this made my skin way too dry, and I wouldn't recommend it at all. This product wasn't my favourite and didn't really work for my, but if your considering the product, still give it a go, everyone's skin reacts to products differently.

Care Gel

Before using this, I was using a different gel from another brand and I really prefer gels to full on thick moisturisers at the moment as they tend to be lighter, and don't make me so oily. This did just the same, it gave me just the right amount of moisture. It did what it said on the tin basically, although I did notice, it did give a really good barrier between my skin and makeup, and I didn't once breakout through wearing makeup when using this product.

Before & After

Before: As you can see -  I've got some pretty angry breakouts, lots of redness and blackheads on my nose and plenty of acne scarring. Let's see how Sebamed changed this..
After: What a difference! As you can see in the picture on the left, I've lost almost all the acne scarring and any breakouts I do have aren't as angry. On the right pictures, the acne scarring has also been reduced. The skin tone looks one hell of a lot healthier and more even too.

Final Verdict

Seriously, give this stuff a go, it's so inexpensive (cheaper than most high street brands)  and after trying so many products before, this really gave me hope that my skin can get over this and I will be able to walk around without knowing I've got a warhead starring at people in the street. Would I buy these products again? Yes! I'd repurchase the Care Gel and maybe try the Cleansing Foam instead of the Bar, mainly for ease of use. I wouldn't repurchase the Toner as I did have a little reaction from it, but nothing extreme. For now, my old skincare routine has been working for me now Sebamed have helped calm my skin down, but if you, or I ever have a huge reaction to something or have a really stressful month and it ends up covering you in breakouts - give this stuff a go, I was seriously going to give up hope! I cannot thank The Bloggers Hub enough for connecting us and thank you to Sebamed for clearing my face. 

If you'd be interested in researching a little more about Sebamed and their products then you can find them at: 

Until next time, take care! Harley, X