Saturday, 23 May 2015

Videos I'm Most Proud Of - May 2015

I thought of doing something a little different today that I've not seen much of! I'll probably do these regularly as my channel is growing and I have the chance to release more videos from my completely messed up mind. Lately I feel like my YouTube 'game' has been lacking and my old videos put my new ones to shame, so this is full of some of the older videos I've made that I'm most proud of!

Left 4 Dead: 'The Spitter' Inspired Makeup Tutorial

This was one of the first 'big' videos I posted to my channel, it's very, very, very old, before I had any body modifications or did anything with my hair and I'd love to remake it someday, but I never knew it would blow up online like it did, as I'm writing this it's had over 2 MILLION VIEWS?! WTF! I still never believe how much of a hype it's had, and has been the main video that's got me as far in my YouTube career so far, so I just HAD to feature it first. My favourite part is the intro, it's terrifying and is just completely me and what I love to do. Someday I will remake this video and do the actual makeup so much better. But for now.. enjoy Fetus Harley.

Monster Lab: The Creep Contest Entry

Now this video was not as popular as The Spitter, but it's still one of my favourites because of the time and effort I put into the creation of it. It's actually a contest entry for AUDFACED's Monster Lab contest, the winners are still yet to be announced, so I'm excited to hear the results! This is a video that older subscribers will remember in the future when I release my huge announcements in the future, as it links back to this. It was my first time playing around really with out-of-the-kit gelatine prosthetics and alcohol activated makeup, I got to do loads of scare acting for the video, which is my favourite thing ever - and I bloody LOVE how it came out.

SAW Series: Laura/Poisoned Makeup

I'm so proud of the actual makeup in this video, it was one of the first 'realistic' character makeups I did and it looked amazing under the lighting and photo filters in the final pictures. I'd love to do more of the subtle, realistic looks like this in the future, as this is the type of makeup that really transforms someone, plus I wish I had way more time to do videos for the SAW Series, I've got many in mind, but they're so time consuming!

Serial Killer: Doll Faced Makeup Tutorial

This videos one of the tutorial from my Vlogoween series last year, I absolutely love this look, it's so easy yet so effective and it really is really really good and long wearing for those going to a Halloween party or similar event. It's also such a diverse look that can be done on any skin tone, with any combinations and the mask itself can be changed up and the wearer can choose whatever design  they like. One of those looks with a little more freedom! I can't wait to do more Serial Killer looks later on this year!

I hope you all enjoyed this, it's a little different and if you go over and watch any of the videos featured, do let me know what you think and if you fancy it, become a member of the Shard of Glass Family over on YouTube for lots more makeup fun times! 
Until Next Time!