Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Fashion Wishlist: Killstar.com

Please note all photos in this post are screen grabs from Killstar.com and are therefor copyright of Killstar.

I wanted to do something a little different today, as I normally don't get the time to do OOTD posts, I thought I'd do a wishlist instead. After IMATS is over, I'm gonna save up my pennies and buy all the times featured in this wishlist. Then do some finally do some OOTDs! 

I'm not one to really splurge lots of money on clothes, but I came across Killstar's Instagram and instantly fell in love! It's the kinda clothing I love, and would love to wear, but I don't actually own any, hence why I'm gonna invest.

Luna Knit Sweater: £44.99

Ritual Hoodie: £59.99
Skull Boho Maxi Dress: £94.99
Spiritboard Necklace: £24.99

Boardgame T-Shirt: £29.99