Monday, 18 May 2015

Review: Magnitone Lucid

Bit of a disclaimer: During The Bloggers Hub's Twitter Party, I got the chance to review the Magnitone for free, but all opinions are honest and my own. I know some people don't like these kinda posts, so there's your warning. 

As some of you may know, I struggle alot with acne, acne scars, blackheads, everything. So whenever I'm offered to try a new skincare product, I'll bite your hand off. I've tried so many high street and high end cleansers, exfoliators, toners, you name it, nothings ever worked. I stayed sceptical when trying this brush, at first I thought it could irritate my already sensitive and damaged skin. But d'you know what, it's not irritated my skin AT ALL! So I took the 7 Day Challenge!

So, I'm currently doing a 28 day trial for Sebamed and their cleanser is in a soap form, so I had to apply the soap to my face first with a flannel, then go over with the Magnitone on their 'Daily Cleanse' setting, if you find this is too harsh for you skin there's also a 'Sensitive' setting. After cleansing for the first time with the Magnitone, honestly, you will not believe how amazingly clean your skin feels, my Dad said he'd noticed a difference after just one use! I eventually went on to then use the Magnitone for a second time with my toner. But this ended up really drying out my skin and I felt a toner worked better with cotton pads anyway. I was never happy with my moisturiser either as it sat on my skin for hours, after cleansing with this, it absorbs straight away in a matter of minutes. After one use I was in love with the product! 

I'm not going to post before and after pictures of my skin because I'm saving those for the Sebamed review, but let me say, they are pretty dramatic! This, in my eyes, is a miracle product, and what I was definitely missing from my skin care routine. Bear in mind, this is coming from someone with very problematic skin and nothing has touched my skin, but I've used a variety of products with this and it makes every cleanser I've used with it better. Something else that can happen in the first few days of trying the product is that you can experience some breakouts in the first few days, which I did, this is because it's giving your skin a super deep clean, and it's raising all the crap in your pores to the surface.

I did face one problem! I used my 'LUSH Dark Angels' cleanser with this to try it out, my god I had a panic attack because I stained the brush black! Rinsing under the tap didn't touch it and I panicked! It looked like it'd been pressed in the remains of a bloody fire! No sweat though, if something like this cleanser do stain your brush, it's easy enough to fix! I took my MAC Brush Cleaner (I'm sure any makeup brush cleaner will work) and lathered it through the Magnitone and rinsed it through, it brought the colour out great. But my god, I panicked when it happened! 

It's super handy, super compact and the charge lasts ages, I've been so impressed with this and everyone I know agrees that it's made a difference in my skin, in just 7 days. Pretty phanomenal really. Actually I told a lie, I actually missed a day in the week! And I broke out with new spots, which just goes to show how important this little device now is in my skincare routine. This will be a staple in my wash bag for many years to come. 

If your interested in buying one of these little miracle devices, they come in four different colours, and are £69.99 from - but I do have a nice little discount code for you! 

For 20% off a Magnitone:
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Seriously, give these a go, I was a complete sceptic before using this and it's changed my opinion completely, I won't be seen cleansing without one. 

Take Care, Harley. X