Monday, 4 May 2015

Hair | DIY Silver Toner

I'm not going to be mentioning in detail how I used the toner here, all the details and steps are mentioned in the video below.. this was kinda a post to show people the ratios I used in order to create the toner. BUT! The bonus of this product is that it's VERY conditioning and your hair will welcome this treatment after a heavy session of bleaching! Lets get to it!

Products Required:
  • BLEACH London - Silver Shampoo
  • BLEACH London - Violet Skies (Semi-Perminant Hair Colour)
  • BLEACH London - Reconstructing Mask
  • Tinting Bowl/Mixing Bowl
  • Tint Brush - optional.. but it will make you look profesh!
Well firstly, this should be taken by a pinch of salt, simply because it's gonna be down to personal preference, some people are gonna want their hair more white, while some people will want the silvery violet tones in it. My ratio is also going to look different on your hair than what it did mine, mainly because, theres factors that will effect. But if you have any questions after or before you've used this recipe, feel free to contact me.

Also, rather than measuring out the exact ratio, I tend to add the conditioner first, I used alot more of this and put it one side of the bowl, then add the Violet Skies.. I don't measure or weigh this toner, I just eyeball it, but you want a very pale purple/lilac-y colour.. I show you the colour I made in the video..
I pretty muted used a ratio of 3:1 (mask to colour) - As I've mentioned above, change this how you like it.

To see how I applied the colour, the consistency, how long it lasted, and other interesting bits about colouring hair, watch this video: