Tuesday, 28 April 2015

BLEACH London - Silver Shampoo: Review

You may or may not know - I've currently got silver/white hair. As a natural ginger it's so hard to keep the brassy-ness away. I'd say give this shampoo a go!

I've tried many different silver shampoos over the years on myself and others. BLEACH London has recently come into my life and I loved their hair colours, and I was shopping around and noticed they made a shampoo. Brilliant! 

This was very different to other silver shampoos I've tried - it was a lot darker and more blue in colour, normally they're very purple and lather to a lavender colour. The more the colour dilutes when you lather the less of an effect I find it has. The great thing about this shampoo, it didn't lather so much for me, enough to wash my hair efficiently, but not so much that it dilutes the colour down. I also think the dark blue colour has made a dramatic effect compared to the lighter purple coloured shampoos on the market. 

I've seen lots of people many times leaving silver shampoos on for a long time and ending up with purple, or even blue streaks left in their hair that are often uneven and not remotely silver. This didn't do this for me, I left it on for almost ten minutes straight after having my hair bleached, and it only grabbed a tiny about of blue, but it was a gorgeous silvery-icy blue colour, very subtle. Obviously depending on how damaged and porous your hair is, the colour will grab more or less, but my hair was pretty damaged and porous at the time. 

As for how silver does it make your hair, let me show you - 

Yes, I know my split ends need a trim! As you can see I've got a variety of tones in my hair (purposely, I wanted a kinda 'highlight and lowlight' effect to add some depth) and it has taken nicely to all of them. I've found that my darker blonde doesn't take too well to this and it really doesn't tone them well - but saying that, it is not a lightening product and just tones. If your struggling to get your hair a silver colour, definitely give this a go and see how you get on, failing that I've got a tutorial coming in the next few weeks on how you can create your very own silver toner using BLEACH London products. 

Definitely give this a go for anyone with brassy or yellow tones in the hair. This is hands down my favourite silver shampoo at the moment. It's lasting ages, toning my hair beautifully, but cleansing it and keeping it healthy too!