Friday, 24 April 2015

Tips for Using Semi-Perminant Hair Colours

Many of you should know by now, I colour my hair alot, I've gone through lots of different brands and colours, but today I'll be talking about the best ways to keep your hair looking super bright and awesome when using semi-perminant hair dye! BOOSH!
Disclaimer: Be sure to read all directions on the product your using AND YOU MUST do a skin allergy test 48 hours before using the product, this is so important, even if you've used the brand before. I cannot be held responsible for your foolishness! Have fun!

  1. USE ON SHAMPOOED, WET HAIR! - Over the years, I've found the best way to get a super intensive bright colour is to shampoo your hair (DO NOT condition) and then towel dry it so it's still damp and THEN apply the colour. I find it takes more evenly to the hair which is one plus but when you shampoo it opens the cuticles of the hair, making it easier for the colour pigments to get inside the hair shaft, meaning weaker dyes will take much better to your hair.
  2. LUBE UP DAT FACE! - I've been blue, purple, red, white.. The list goes on and this tip is                   great for more 'normal' dyes too. Put a light layer of vaseline around your hairline and ears before applying any dye, that way, you won't have a colourful face.. The months of walking round looking like a smurf are coming back to me now.. It is effort to do the vaseline on your face but, it's even more effort trying to cover all the patches on your skin with concealer..             
  3. PASTEL SHADES? MAKE YOUR OWN! - Don't go out and buy more dyes! If you've got say a dark purple and you want to have very lilac/lavender pastel hair no problem! Get a hair colour mixing bowl and add some dye. Then add some conditioner to the dye and mix until you get the shade you want. Conditioner closes the cuticles so less pigment will get into the hair plus it's diluting it like cordial!
  4. WASH YOUR HAIR COLD/NEVER! - Obviously we all hate the upkeep of crazy colours. It does suck but it's part of the job description. But to keep your colour in for even longer try and wash your hair maybe once a week, maybe two weeks if it's not oily? Just use a dry shampoo. The more you wash the hair the quicker a semi-perminant dye will wash out. If you have oily hair and need to wash it.. That's fine! Just use cold water and this will help keep the cuticle closed as much as possible so too much dye won't escape!
  5. KEEP TOWELS/LINEN DARK! - I can't express this one enough! You will ruin towels and light clothing that comes into contact with your hair when it's wet! I've ruined so many lovely clothes with hair dye. If possible, only use black towels on your hair and if you can, don't put a top on until your hair's dry.
  6. BLEACHED HAIR! - Right people, you must use pastel colours on very light hair. Even the darker shades of bright dyes will not take well to dark hair. You should be a VERY light blonde to get the best colour. I do NOT recommend bleaching your hair at home and please don't follow a 12 year old on YouTube doing it. You can seriously ruin and loose hair with bleach. Unless you know what your doing... go to a salon.. I want beautiful bleached hair ladies and gents! Not split ended, snapped orange blonde. It's not nice.
  7. FEEL FREE TO MIX! - The great thing about semi-perminant dyes is they're safe to mix. It's probably good to have some knowledge of the colour wheel before mixing,  but feel free to mix up different colours to achieve unique shades, for pastel shades don't add colour, just add conditioner as I mentioned above.
  8. CHECK YOUR HAIR CONDITION! - You should observe your hair before colouring your hair with anything, but some semi-perminant dyes aren't as gentle others, some are conditioning and some are not, so be careful and read the packaging. If it says do not use on severely damaged hair, please abide by it! Buy some hair masks and get your hair in great condition before colouring, it's going to look so much better if you do!
  9. HAVE FUN! - Crazy coloured hair is suppose to be fine! Obviously don't rebel against school or work if they don't allow it but if you want coloured hair. Do it! There is lots of maintenance involved and it's expensive but it's fantastic fun. And don't worry about what other people think! When my hair was blue and purple, I had old people at work saying they admire that I'm confident enough to express myself and they loved it! Go ahead and do it and walk with sassiness when people stare at you in the street!
  10. WHAT BRAND SHOULD I USE?! - After all the tips that I hope helped you, you may wonder what brand to use. I've got my favourite brands but I won't mention them here, but shop around and try different dyes and see what works for you. I've had the good, bad and ugly! My favourites tend to be the conditioning colours though because they aren't as damaging on my hair but everyone will have their own individual favourites!
That completes the list! 
Stay individual, stay beautiful and until next time I love you! 
Harley xo