Tuesday, 21 April 2015

What's in my Makeup Bag (Male)

So after attending The Blogger Hub's Twitter Party last night, I'd realised I'd never done one of the most basic beauty blogger posts. So here it is finally! What's in my Makeup Bag - Male Edition!  Also, I don't purposely do this but I seem to have a high end and drugstore version for most products as you'll see below. 


Boots Shine Control Day Moisturiser: I love this moisturiser and it's a reasonably new purchase! It contains Witch Hazel and Tea Tree which will also help keep skin clear, I put this on before bed sometimes if my skin is particularly bad, I always wake up with some sort of improvement on my skin. This is great for anyone with oily skin as it helps keep me matte. 

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer: Light: This is a reasonably new purchase but I love it! It keeps my makeup on all day long and doesn't make me oily like some primers. It has never broken me out and absorbs into my skin super fast unlike some others. I definitely recommend this if you've never tried it!

Estée Lauder: Idealist: This is a sample size but it's lasted ages! I put it on before my moisturiser and it helps to reduce the appearance of my pores when I'm going for a super full coverage, flawless base. I am mostly likely to use this product when going out when I want to look great in photos.

ELF Eyelid Primer: I don't tend to really wear eyeshadow, but I always find it handy to keep this product in my bag in case a friend needs to use a primer or if I end up going out and wearing something on my eyelids.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation: 115: This is another very new product I've heard people raving about it so I thought I'd try it, I haven't worn it enough to have much of an opinion on it yet. 

Chanel Pro Lumiére Foundation: 30 Shell: I've had this for ages now! My mum actually gave me this. I love this foundation, it looks just like skin. I tend to wear this as a treat as it's very expensive but I do wear it when I'm going very natural.


Estée Lauder Smoothing Creme Concraler: Medium: I love this concealer! Super creamy and lovely high coverage. Only need a tiny amount of this, great for travelling light because it's so small. This stuff lasts for ages!

ELF Corrective Concealer: This is reasonably new in my bag, but has become one of my biggest loves. I love colour correcting at the moment, if your not sure about it Pixiwoo have a fantastic in depth video about corrective Concealer on their YouTube channel.

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot: Painterly: I know, I know, this isn't a concealer, but I tried it as a concealer once on a particularly nasty spot. My god the coverage was amazing and it DID NOT budge! I definitely recommend trying one of these as a concealer if you can find a matching one for your skin tone. 

Rimmel Hide the Blemish: Ivory: I only really use these if I have no other choice. I'm not a huge fan of these but they're useful, they're a bit too cakey for me and just don't sit flawlessly on my skin.

              Finishing Products 

MAC Blot Powder: Medium: This product does what it says on the tin. It's great for you hips throughout the day, if I get a little oily or shiny here and there, comes in a handy compact with a mirror too.

ELF HD Powder: Translucent: I heard loads about this, and just had to try it! I love it! It's great for that finishing airbrushing look and mattifying the skin. But if too much is used it does really lighten you up and you can see the powder on top of the skin. 

Collection Clear Mascara: The product in the photo doesn't look clear at all, but I use this to set my eyebrows in place, that's why it's been coloured a lot darker from the brow product I use (which isn't actually kept in my bag! It's in a MAC palette, I'll show you all another time!)


CO Lab Dry Shampoo: London: I've got the handy travel size and this smells bloody amazing! The best smelling dry shampoo ever! It does the trick too when I'm away from home and I don't want to carry all my hair products with me.

Hairbands: Who doesn't need hair bands?! I always bring spares because  I wear my hair in a top knot most of the time and eventually they loose elasticity, or snap. Always carry spares!

SanDisk 8gb Memory Card: As a YouTuber I don't know when I'll need a spare memory card and my makeup bag is the best place to store it so I'll always have a backup card. 

Tweezers: These aren't ordinary tweezers, they're very fine toothed for very precise hairs, great for that one pesky eyebrow hair that's grown half way up your forehead!

I hope you all enjoyed reading, what are you makeup bag essentials? Comment some below! Speak Soon, Harley. X