Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Scare Acting FAQ

The video I posted on this topic was very long, so I've compressed it down and removed some of my stories and experiences, and put it in a shorter format here! 

What is a Scare Actor?
A scare actor is in no way just limited to haunted houses, they can perform in anything from Scream Parks, Haunts, Hayrides, Films, TV, Music Videos, Club Nights - I've even seen Scare Actors at Weddings and Parties.

Types of 'Scare Actors'?
I'd say there's roughly three different 'types' of scare actor
1. Scare Actor - your the performer who scares guests/whatever job your doing
2. Actor/Area Manager - more limited to scare attractions, your still be scare acting most of the time, but you'll be on a headset connected to the other area managers/first aid/security and backstage - you tend to be responsible for the guests and actors in your area and you are the eyes and ears of that area.
3. Attraction Owners - there's no scare acting involved here, an attraction owner has put on the attraction and they run the attraction.

How Can I Get Into Scare Acting?
I got into Scare Acting through being contacted for my makeup work and they ended up being an actor short so I took it on. My best advice would be to research local haunts in your area and contact them asking about auditions, throw yourself in at the deep end and get stuck in, it's brilliant fun!

What Roles Are Available? 
Over the five years I've been a Scare Actor I've played a variety of roles including: Torture Cellar Victim, Torturer, Brain Dead Zombie, Savage Zombie, Lost Soul, Clown, Miner, Creatures, Butcher, Vampire...
The list is pretty much endless, there's so many different roles available all suited to different peoples physical abilities.

Restrictions/Risks of Being a Scare Actor?
No restrictions. Attraction owners don't tend to go off your looks and usually the more crazy your haircut is or if you've got a huge stretched septum piercing - attraction owners will love it. I would recommend being physically fit though if you want a very physical role - not necessarily skinny, but being able to move around very quickly for long periods of time. If your not physically fit there are plenty of less physically demanding roles too including sit and lay down roles

There ARE risks. Sadly most scare actors will tell you these and they do happen and I've experienced them times throughout my career. Don't let these put you off trying scare acting the pros outweigh the cons! Personal Injury is very possible if you don't warm up correctly or if you get carried away, I've had piercings ripped out through costumes catching on them and I've sprained my Achilles Tendon in the past from jumping off high set. There's also risk of injury from guests too, you will get threatened but some guests act on it and will attack you, I've had black eyes before from being punched in the face, my friends have been groped inappropriately too.

Can You Make a Living Being a Scare Actor?
Unless you live very close to permeant attraction such as The London Dungeons etc it's very unlikely you are going to find you enough scare acting work to live on all year round. Saying that if you work full time as an actor, you may get the odd scare acting job here and there. Even seasonal work in this industry tends to be unpaid alot of the time. In the full five years I've been in the industry all of the scare acting work I've done has been unpaid, at most I had my expenses paid and was fed. There is paid seasonal work out there though.

I hope this post has been helpful to you! If you've got any further questions don't hesitate to Tweet me or leave a comment below and I'd be more than happy to answer you :) 

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