About Me

Well Hi there! I'm Harley if you didn't already know, I'm also under 'Shard of Glass' on YouTube. So the nicknames Harls or Shards are just fine! 

I began my online journey many years ago when I came across Audfaced's YouTube videos and she completely got me interested in theatrical and FX makeup. From there I continued researching the world of YouTube Tutorials and I eventually plucked up the courage to upload my first tutorial which was an 'Injured Witch' - it was god awful! But we all started somewhere right?! Enough of the life story Harley..

Eventually I found myself more online and discovered the world of fashion and beauty blogging.. My knowledge of makeup has now increased from special effects (now advanced!) all the way through to beauty. I started this blog to work with my YouTube tutorials, you know, listing products used, mini tutorials etc. But now I've finally began slim lining my design into something I love. I'm using this blog now in conjunction with my YouTube channel, my channel is mainly faced around the alternative 'dark' side of makeup I suppose you could say, but beauty tutorials do pop up every now and again.

I don't blog and YouTube full time sadly. I am a professional scare actor which I thoroughly enjoy and I'll talk about more around October time. But I currently also work doing contract work for British Telecoms, how very beautiful!

I hope you found this little segment interesting, I'll probably extend it as my story grows, but for now, I'm happy leaving it at that!